Membership Join Form

What where the goals of the Membership Join Form?

The Join Form that members where previously using was cumbersome. It had multiple steps on multiple pages. The text was small and the design outdated. My goals for this design where to make it clear at a glance how many steps the user had to fill out. I wanted the user to feel like they weren't just signing up and spending money to join but that they were creating their own unique membership. I simplified the interface by using progressive disclosure and a single page application. The previous design was not built for mobile so another goal of the new design was to make it responsive so a member could sign up with their mobile device.

A/B Testing

My design was A/B tested with the previous membership form. The conversion rate of my design was favored over the previous form and my design ended up being used as the new membership form.

The Prototype and Final Product

Check out my prototype and the live design!
See the prototype See the live application

Designed by Jennifer Luiszer for AAA.