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Maryann W Johnson edit

Date of birth 03/28/55

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change city Costa Mesa, CA 92688

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1234 South St. edit

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(949) 555-1256

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Scott Johnson, Associate Edit Remove

Date of birth 05/01/1980

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Disclaimer New members can join the Auto Club at the Classic level of benefits only. Existing members with Classic level of benefits are eligible to upgrade to AAA Plus® or AAA Premier® if the primary member in the membership household has been a primary member of the Auto Club for the prior 90 days and there have been no tows in the membership household through the Auto Club during this same period. Existing members with AAA Plus level of benefits may upgrade to AAA Premier at any time. Former members of the Auto Club who previously had Plus or Premier level of benefits within the past 365 days can rejoin at the Plus or Premier benefit level. AAA Plus and AAA Premier Roadside Assistance benefits and Optional RV and Motorcycle benefits are effective 7 calendar days after purchase date if paid in full.

Annual membership eligibility, dues, fees, benefits and services are subject to change without notice. An individual may have only one membership. All applications and renewals are subject to approval and acceptance by the Automobile Club of Southern California. Annual subscription price for Westways is included in the Membership dues. This amount cannot be deducted. Returned checks and returned electronic payments may be re-presented electronically for payment. Each returned check and returned electronic payment is subject to a returned payment fee. For returned electronic payments, this fee may be debited electronically.