Predictive Mobile App

What is the predictive mobile app?

The current mobile app that the members are using is a bit outdated. It contains useful but somewhat static information. There is really nothing to it that would keep the member coming back to use the app. The idea behind the predictive mobile app is to create a playful, smart, and customized experience for members that will not only keep them engaged but will also be helpful to use in their everyday lives.

What could the app look like?

My idea for the app was to show all of the recent activites the user has done on the home screen as well as show any notifications of bills that are due, recommended car maintainence, etc. All notification on the home screen would be related to the user. My idea was to also gamify the app to keep people constantly coming back. The user would get different levels of rewards for using the app.

Designed by Jennifer Luiszer for AAA.